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Thumb sucking is something kids naturally do. This can make them feel comfortable and feel safe. However, if children continue to suck their thumbs and permanent teeth appear, long-term problems can develop.

Thumb-sucking problems

Apart from the thumb, the child can also suckle fingers, pacifiers or toys. However, dental problems can arise if a child continues this practice after the age of five. You can also browse Amazon UK website to purchase thumb appliances and thus help prevent thumb sucking in children.

Some of the problems associated with thumb sucking after age five include:

  • Misaligned teeth
  • Overbite development
  • The upper and lower jaw becomes uneven
  • Malformations can develop on the palate

Mouth problems caused by sucking can make speaking difficult, as children may have difficulty pronouncing certain words. In case of misalignment, an experienced orthodontist can assist with braces in Valdosta.

If the thumb and finger continue to suck, the older child may need additional encouragement and assistance, such as:

  • Talk to them to find out why they are sucking on your thumb or finger. Finding the cause can help you make better decisions about how to end the habit.
  • An orthodontist or dentist may prescribe dental appliances to prevent suction and make it more
  • Many dental problems can occur and a reliable Orthodontist at Valdosta can fix them to ensure oral health which in turn improves overall health. The dentist can also show your child how to treat teeth with braces.
Why Is Thumb Sucking Bad for Childrens Teeth?

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