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The single-use plastic ban is crossing its way around Europe as we talk. From 2021, plastic straws will probably be no longer and moving plastic-free will be in the forefront of everybody's mind. 

Over the forthcoming months, restaurants and businesses will be taking action to discover an alternative to plastic straws. That may be bamboo, or perhaps metal or paper. Get in front of this phasing-out stage and begin spreading the word about environmentally friendly choices today.


We are always thrilled to inform people that bamboo straws are entirely free of substances, pesticides and other nasties. This leaves them super safe to drink from. To get more information about the best bamboo straws visit

bamboo straws

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They are fantastic for children too – you may also find bamboo straws thick enough to squeeze through the thickest of milkshakes, or even a tea with these beautiful straws.

In case you wondered, bamboo straws pose no danger to the environment so long as they're harvested sustainably.

By changing to a reusable bamboo sheeting or another to plastic sheeting with a far lower carbon footprint and inviting other people to join you, then you are doing your bit for the environment.


If you are an avid runner, an option to plastic straws ought to be on the peak of your packing checklist. Bamboo straws are lightweight enough to slip into your day bag and simple to stay clean on the move with all the straw cleaner supplied. 

Why Bamboo Straws Are Better Alternate

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