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Have you been considering a career change? Many workers seek a change but get discouraged by the realities of what it takes. Here are the factors that make a difference in a successful career change and hopeful wishing.

First, career change takes time.

If you're working 70 hours a week and you have any kind of personal life, work on finding ways to get more time in a day and a week. You need to be able to attend professional meetings, network, and go on interviews.

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Some career changers need to have all the time they need. They just need to manage what they have. They need to set priorities and create systems to deal with overwhelm.

Second, most people manage to change careers without paying for a career counselor or career coach.

You will benefit from a coach when you

– feel isolated and don't have a sounding board or confidante.

– feel confused about what you've been reading

– can't seem to get going on your goals – face a tough decision and need a sounding board.

However, I don't recommend turning to friends and family when you need career advice. They will be biased and frankly, they just don't know how career change works. Their advice will be well-intentioned but very often you get sent on needless, time-consuming detours.

What You Should Know About Making a Major Career Change
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