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Anonymous Internet Browsing is surfing the Internet while covering the user’s IP address and other information from the websites that the user visits. Anonymity can be accomplished by making use of a proxy server or virtual private network or VPN server. If the proxy server is a trusted proxy, anonymity is maintained. Anonymous Internet browsing is usually useful for Internet users who want to ensure that their sessions are hidden from hackers or cannot be monitored.

However, an anonymous web server acts as a wall between the users and the websites they visit. This Express Virtual Private Network (also called Express 가상 사설망 in the Korean language) server can be used to bypass restrictions and visit blocked websites in certain countries. Some users only use this server to protect their online identity. There are various websites that claim to provide this anonymous web browser service. Some are free services and others are paid with more or fewer features.

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The process of achieving anonymity is as follows:

  • The web browser issues an http request for a URL from the proxy server.
  • The proxy server immediately sends an http request to the webserver for this URL. The http request now appears to be made by the proxy server and not the user’s computer.
  • The web server then sends the HTML document to the proxy.
  • Proxy first rewrites all links in this document so that they point to the proxy, not the webserver.
  • Finally, send the document back to the user with the newly written link.
What Is Anonymous Web Browsing?
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