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The creation of the web is an art involving several various technologies. In its heart, though, the web developer's entire duty is to ensure that the user gets a website that does just what he wants it to do. You can get in touch with the best Web Design Company Melbourne – Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) & Web Developer Melbourne via About Today.

What Does a Web Developer Do?

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There is a big distinction between being a web developer and a web designer, while there is some overlap between their jobs, the web designer will not be concerned with any of the website's internal coding. 

1. It normally takes a while before the web developer really begins writing the code that makes up the website to prepare the architecture and functionality of the website. There is a lot of preparation and research that has to take place before you get the contract for a web project. The client typically wants the website to run in a certain manner. Estimating how long this will take is up to the project manager and his production team.

2. Establish the business rationale as defined by the client- The web developer will start designing the website after the preparation and review process has been completed. This also means dealing with client-side technology such as Javascript, JavaScript and CSS, as well as PHP and .NET server-side technologies. 

3. Implementing Web Design-You will expect that the web designer will start implementing the web site when the web developer is finished designing the web site. It is typically the web developer who is charged with executing the web design on the web site, but they also work together.

What Does a Web Developer Do?
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