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Although root cuttings in water are possible, it is advisable to use root gel or powder. Remove the lower leaves from the cut and dip in the root mixture.

Then plant the cuttings in the desired growth medium. Rockwool Rock works really well. At this point the incision is very fragile. Don't push it in a thriving atmosphere. You can also get best selling clone in Los Angeles online.

Make a hole with a pencil, carefully insert the slit into the hole, and close the hole with the tip of your finger. If you cut just above the knot of the plant, the branch will split in half as if you were pushing it.

This way, your mother plant will produce an exponential number of cuttings and keep you happy with babies for your nursery. Once all of your pieces are finished in the pot, make them drink water and mist from the spray.

Make sure that no light can reach the roots. If you have several cuttings, place them in the propagation tray with a plastic lid. This will help limit the effects of sweating and ensure the plant retains plenty of water.

Remember, young clones have no roots at this point. Therefore, the clones have to swallow water through the leaves and cut off the stems. Young plants need light, but in this fragile condition it is important not to burn them in hot light.

Start with fluorescent or full spectrum LED bulbs that grow to about 10 inches of light and gradually get closer as the plants grow. If you don't have room for a separate nursery, place the young plants in a planting room partially shaded by the parent leaves.

Rooting Marijuana With The Help Of A Gel Or Powder

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