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Pearl makes the earrings beautiful and have been used by men and women for centuries. What is more refined decor and glow trembled on the ears? On a visit to see the Crown Jewels in the Tower of London recently, I was fascinated to see Imperial State Crown.

It is the crown worn by the King and Queen of England when they were crowned in Westminster Abbey.

Nowadays we can all wear pearl earrings and they come in a variety of styles. First, there were single pearl studs that were classic and very chic, wearable for all occasions. I have had mine for many years and I do not really feel "dressed" until I had put them on.

Freshwater pearls can be dyed in all colors of the rainbow and dyeing does not affect the luster of a gem, so a pair of pearls to match any outfit is definitely on the cards. Put pearls with sparkling crystal jewels and you have earrings perfect for parties as well.

Pearl pendant need not be a single jewel, like Queen Elizabeth. The "grape cluster" design as dramatic but also delicate. Grape cluster earring lovely elegant and timeless. I like the mix of pale peach pearl white.

It is a combination that just breathes youth and elegance. For sheer, captivating beauty, you could have a bell flower earrings with freshwater pearls tiny clustered in interest and other covered with white pearls. They are the perfect gift for the fashion conscious woman.

Pearl Earrings – A Wonderful Gift for Christmas

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