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It's nice to spend a sunny day with our dogs. Or rather, allow our best friend to run in a dog park. Our pets want this love and attention and they need sports, just like humans.

But wherever we choose to contact our dogs, we must always be prepared for the inevitable dog poop. The best way to get ready is to always carry a dog bag. You can also get more information about poop bags at

We've all experienced the drama of stepping on household trash. We followed him home. We try to scrape it from our shoes.

Even pet deposits can cause this problem. As responsible owners, we all need to clean our pets. We can't just leave it like that.

The easiest way to get a dog gun is to use a plastic bag. Plastic bags are great for collecting deposits. Or there is a large selection of dog litter bags online or at your local pet store. There is even a biodegradable umbilical bag for those who fear their dog's navel bag won't be biodegradable.

This unique accessory not only covers the dog's pop bag, but also protects it from damage. Some also include additional bags for carrying empty plastic bags or other necessities. Some even contain hand disinfection bags.

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