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Archeology is the study of the primitive era of humanity. This is the study of human culture through various methods, including field studies, viz. Research and excavation, as well as analysis of laboratory materials obtained from the past.

Materials can be documents, landscapes, fossils, bifocals and artifacts. Nowadays, cultural heritage is very popular in all countries. There are many companies that also provide the best cultural heritage management plans

The purpose of this study can vary. Sometimes research is conducted to determine the age of a particular artifact, object, or part of an object. At other times, the history of human culture, its development and the ecology of prehistoric societies will be examined.

Archaeologists use various methods and techniques to study the history of the earth.

Exploration – This is the most common way to start an archeology project. Archaeologists will systematically find areas where he will conduct research. Previous research methods were not used; Researchers will find features that are clearly visible from monumental sites.

However, modern researchers use various research methods such as surface research, aerial research, geophysical research, and regional research. During surface investigations, land was first measured using patterns and structures of ancient civilization settlements.

Researchers are trying to gather information about primitive culture and use mini excavation methods. Some mini-digging techniques include snails, cores, and test eyes. Aerial photography is carried out with cameras mounted on airplanes and balloons.

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