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Destination Weddings sound exciting, exotic, and simple. After all, you just pack your bag, fly to an exotic place, and say, "I do". Right?

It's wrong. There is the question of out-of-state or out of country papers and travel organizations to consider. While a wedding sounds like a fabulous destination, the fact is that they are labor-intensive and can not be good for most couples. You can find information regarding wedding packages in Jamaica via

jamaica wedding packages

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Package deal

The bright side resorts that host destination weddings want to make the process easy for their customers. They have a lot of experience in hosting such events, so they know what most grooms want.


If you can not cut your guest list to a number, perhaps a destination wedding can handle the task for you. With an average of 48 people tending destination weddings, you will have a more modest crowd than you would have at residence.


If the decision is up to the cheapest option, you have homework to do. Even a moderately priced wedding package $ 100 per person in a local restaurant or banquet hall can be very expensive.

At this rate, you will spend $ 10 000 only on reception for 100 people. Compare this cost to an average of 48 guests at a destination wedding, and it sounds like an easy decision.

Important Considerations For Planning A Destination Wedding

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