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Alignment is one of the biggest buzz words in business today and with good reason. Without harmony, whatever you have to work in unison with itself will not function properly. Think of your company as a rowing team. If half of your team rowing in one direction and the other half in the other direction, you will find yourself dizzy from spinning.

However, if your team is aligned and working in unison towards the same overarching goal then you will see an incredible acceleration! You can navigate online to get information about how tobring sanity to your Salesforce adoption and documentation.

Type alignment can be very difficult to achieve if your team can not communicate at the most basic level. This is where developing a data dictionary can be a very profitable resource. A data dictionary is a file that helps to define the organization of a particular database.

A data dictionary often contains the following information about the field:

  • The base value
  • information constraints
  • Definitions (example: function, sequence, etc.)
  • The amount of space allocated for the object / field
  • audit information

What is data dictionary used for?

  • It can also be used as a read-only reference for information about the database
  • A data dictionary can be used when developing a program that uses the data model
  • The data dictionary acts as a way to describe the data in terms of "real world"

Why dictionary data needed?

One of the main reasons the necessary data dictionary is to provide better accuracy, organization, and reliability in terms of data management and user / administrator of understanding and training.

How to: Create a Data Dictionary for Salesforce

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