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Hair extensions let women to add volume and a few inches to their hair without waiting for them to grow. There are different types of extensions to choose from and the decision can be overwhelming for first-time users. Below are some tips if you are thinking of getting them.

Real Human Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are made from real human hair or synthetic. Both are already available on the market. It is important to know whether you choose extensions are made from synthetic or human hair when you are on the lookout for hair extensions. To find hair extension salons in CT visit

Human hair extensions last longer and they look exactly like a natural. Also, it can be treated like one. You can color, curl, straighten, dye, or extensions put you through any kind of heat-styled hair care.

With the synthetic, you cannot use any kind of heat as it will damage the fabric. You cannot even have their swim. Most importantly, it does not look natural, and anyone who sees you will immediately know that you're using extensions.

Extensions That Match The Hair Color

The main reason to use them is to add length, volume, and shine. If you get a cassette-in or keratin attachment, you need to ensure that they match your natural hair color. Both of these types of permanent and whatever you choose, you will have to live with it for at least 6 months.

However, if you just pick them for the sake of keeping up with the latest trends, you can choose to clip-ins. This is a non-permanent extension and can be taken out as easily as they are equipped.

Because you are using them as an accessory styling, you can choose a lighter or darker in color than your hair. Such highlights or low lights and tones will add depth to your hair without the use of a different treatment.

Helpful Tips For Picking The Right Hair Extensions
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