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Using creative gift wrapping tips like using gift bags and gift boxes are the perfect way to cover an unusually shaped gift. If the gift is bigger than a breadbox, you can't always just slip it into a box and be done

Indeed, when the item is oddly shaped or has attachments, you're going to need to look beyond standard wrapping paper. You can also get the best present wrapping service in Australia.

 Try Plastic Bags

Being creative means wrapping the gift in something that also is not necessarily thought of as gift wrapping paper.

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The use of garbage bags for large items such as tricycles works like a charm. But because the white garbage bags are see-through, you may want to use black bags.

Green leaf bags are larger, but they are also more lightweight than black garbage bags and tear easily.

If you do use a black garbage bag to wrap a toy for a toddler, add some fun to the packaging. Cut out colored circles, stick them all over the bag and add a big, brightly colored gift tag.

Tie a thick ribbon around the end, and then tie it into a beautiful bow. Make sure it is completely tight and that there are no loose sections, as plastic bags can be a choking hazard for young children.

Keep children out of the room containing the gifts, or wrap the gift the night before, if necessary.

Unusual Wrapping Techniques

For extra-large gifts that are unusually shaped, you may want to use old pattern paper. Before you wrap the gift, however, stamp the paper with bright shades of pink.

Test the paper beforehand to make sure it won't bleed, and never wrap anything until the ink or paint has dried.

The decoration can be as simple as writing the recipient's name over and over again on the paper in different colors of markers or crayons.

Just use caution with the crayons: Crayon won't bleed, but it can rip pattern or tissue paper.

Gift Wrapping Tips For Common Challenges
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