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More people than you might realize have a terrible time going to the dentist. For some, anxiety plays a major role in trying to accomplish this task. For others, they just don't feel comfortable with the dentist they see and it's time to find a new one. But how does a person go about finding a dentist that fits their comfort level? You can find the best dentist in reston via

Finding a new dentist can be as simple as asking for a referral. Trusted friends or family members often time have great recommendations for things such as this. Maybe you have a trusted co-worker that is thrilled with their dental provider, or perhaps your regular physician has someone to recommend as well. Whatever the case may be, referrals are generally a fairly reliable way to choose a new dental provider.

A big part of who you might choose depends on who your dental insurance will cover. In cases such as these, some referrals simply won't match your plan. It is at this time you will have to do all the leg work. Start off with a list and narrow it down by location. For some it is important to have their dentists' office close by, so listing them in order of proximity to work or home can be helpful in at least narrowing down the list a bit.

Next, make a list of questions. It is important to conduct a simple interview to find out your comfort level with the dentist and their staff.

These questions can be asked over the phone by a staff member and if you determine you want to make an appointment, additional questions can be asked at that time.

Finding a New Dentist
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