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A milk cow's tender period needs to be tracked perfectly as it's the cow's health on which the whole cycle of milk production depends upon and which offers milk on time. Various illnesses and treatments should be given from time to time to get them cured and will not suffer from any kind of disease which harms them in their pregnancy in the future.

Detecting Mastitis in Cow

Some of the more important concerns of this are mastitis, a state in which there's inflammation of their breasts or udder due to disease.  That is a challenge.  There's the clear presence of clots from the milk supplied by way of a cow with mastitis.  In cases, there can be pus.  Treatment of mastitis is nearing impossibility and difficult.  By executing dry and clean pencil, along with therapy and also the appropriate procedure the cure continues to be avoidance.

To get the best treatment and want to know the early signs of infections know how Saber SCC helps in detecting mastitis in cows in the following ways:

  • Detect diseases much sooner, also receive early warnings of clinical and subclinical mastitis hence eliminating the requirement to strip the full herd

  • Reduce SCC amounts on your own herd 

  • Boost bulk SCC control 

  • Extend HT6ML seasons thanks to an improved array of cows to get dry away 

  • Boost profitability

  • Use comprehensive SCC coverage to pick cows for Dry Cow Treatment consequently 

  • Reducing antibiotic utilization

  • Reduce running costs — each evaluation costs only 1 Cent (Euro).   


Examine the Early Infection of Mastitis in cows with Saber SCC
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