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Dermal filler is the trade name for a substance called for Botulinum Type-A Toxin. Most people think that this drug is only useful for getting rid of wrinkles, but there are many less commonly known applications, as well. Here are some alternate uses for Botulinum Type-A Toxin:

1) Excessive underarm sweating can be relieved by injecting dermal fillers into the sweat glands, which will reduce the problem of excessive sweating. You can also take dermal filler classes online.

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A large wet welding ring is not only unattractive to look at, but also harmful to health. Excessive sweating is also known as hyperhidrosis in the medical community. Hyperhidrosis can cause dehydration and a painful rash.

2) Recent studies have linked botulinum toxin type A with the elimination of acne in adults. Adult acne is a different beast from the defects and breakthroughs of adolescence. It is difficult to treat with traditional methods but has shown promising results when injected.

3) This drug is also considered useful in fighting seizures due to cerebral palsy and multiple sclerosis. The muscle contractions associated with both diseases can be very painful, but they can be relieved using miracle drugs.

4) An overactive bladder can be another embarrassing and uncomfortable problem. The muscles in the area can relax, which can eliminate the need to urinate continuously.

5) TMJ / TMD is a painful condition of the jaw and neck resulting from excessive contractions and tension. By relaxing these muscles, tension is released and pain eases.

Dermal Fillers – Not Just For Wrinkles

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