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You've decided to get in shape and you deserve a pat on the back. But how do you decide which gym to join or if you even have to hit the gym? What factors should be considered?

What Do You Look For When Choosing An Out-of-Home Gym? Number one is where you feel comfortable to meet health and fitness goals. Places like Curves (for women) or Planet Fitness (without their discretion) try to make their atmosphere comfortable to solve this problem.

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I also think the best spots are big enough to have a wide variety of free weights, machines, and cardio machines, but small enough for them to know who you are when you walk through the door. Some gyms have a stock like clubs and those are just numbers.

Then explore the facilities. Do you have a swimming pool or sauna? Is there a hot tub or personal trainer to help you with questions? Some of these can cause or interfere with your problems, others you may never even care about.

A place with a pool will likely need more memberships and if you don't feel like swimming it's a waste of your money. However, if you want to include swimming in your cardio or fitness routine, this is a must.

Do you offer courses? Taking regular aerobic classes can give you "fitness in the gym," and other classes (Spin, Tae Bo, Pilates) can provide variety for when you are bored and need to improve your fitness routine.

Choosing The Best Gym To Match Your Fitness Goals In Ottawa

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