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It generally refers to the technology used to analyze and provide strategic intelligence about business operations. Larger companies have a large amount of data available to them. And with competitive pressures in today's market, businesses must utilize enterprise data to understand their business and remain competitive. You can get an application marketplace from vizbp via online sources.

Production data, demographic information, sales figures, and the like can be synthesized into a form useful to make strategic business decisions better. For example, a business intelligence system could aggregate sales numbers month and year and compare current figures to historical values. 

Aggregate sales figures can then be displayed in a simple table format (Excel, PDF, or HTML) and / or converted into graphical representations (charts, graphs, gauges, dial indicators, etc.). Synthesized data can then be displayed on a simple report in the form of a dashboard (analogous to the dashboard in a car or airplane) that shows all the data that is easy to read, intuitive format.

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Business Intelligence (BI) uses many data-related technologies. Data warehouses, document management, knowledge management, data mining, online analytical processing (OLAP), multidimensional analysis (based on creating n-dimensional data cubes) to name a few. 

Because companies today have so many different computer systems and applications, it is usually a complex task to aggregate data from so many varied sources. Creating BI systems often ends up being far more complex than originally projected.

The goal of business intelligence reports is to present actionable information as simply as possible. The BI software has analyzed data contained in the warehouse to build that report. Users often report figures, clueless processes, and data necessary to generate the report. It is a good indicator of a business intelligence system that reporting is a very simple tool.


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