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Now that iPad mini has been launched, the news is circulating on the technology market about the product and its real usefulness. You can navigate to this website if you want to buy an iPad mini in bulk.

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Let us find out what it's all about and why users were frustrated when they bought the game. 

Pricing, View and Resolution 

News media have been floating the news of this new iPad, compared to competitors, Nexus and Kindle, which are considered to be leading the way with their technology.

Even though Apple has added 35 percent more screen space offering a large viewing experience, the lower display quality is disappointing. That's what makes its competitors a better choice when it comes to better video consistency. 

Physical shape:- The iPad Mini is not at all disappointing, particularly in other aspects such as its physical shape. The scale of the unit has been reduced to a 7.9-inch monitor, which is also remarkable. 

At one look, everyone will be mesmerised by the elegant and trendy form factor that Apple has provided. It's comparatively smaller and lighter in weight because it's physical. This seems amazing, particularly as we look at the amount of features added that come along as surprises packed into this little tablet. It has a sturdy aluminium and a glass shell that makes it a robust tablet.

Are You Supposed To Buy An iPad Mini?
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