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One of the most common dental problems experienced in the world today is tooth decay. The usual treatment procedure for dental decay is the placement of a restorative. In previous times, used restorative material is unsightly as gold or silver amalgam. These days, it's much more common to see coloured or white dental restoratives. Preferably tooth fillings good choice in dental restorative front and in the back teeth.

Advantages of tooth-coloured filler

The main advantage that one can get by using white fillings is the esthetic finish of the restoration. The restorative materials available in a variety of different colours to match the colour of the teeth to be restored, thus providing superior aesthetics, which is not possible when using materials like amalgam or gold.

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When materials such as amalgam has been placed, much tooth structure has been compromised to hold the material in position in the tooth. This is because, there is no direct bond between amalgam and teeth, and it is only held by the retentive properties of mechanical preparation.

In the tooth colour fillings, direct bond between the tooth and the restorative happens with the help of bonding agent. This will reduce the amount of gear reduction needs to be done, thus maintaining the strength of teeth restored.

All About the Tooth Colored Filling

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