Pavel Vangeli

  • from Czech Republic
  • will act as puppeteer

Pavel Vangeli is a puppeteer and actor, who writes and directs his own performances.

He currently has four shows available: Swinging Marionettes, The Heroic Adventures of the Fool and Prague - the enchanted city.

His latest show Natura Morta created in collaboration with director-designer Jan Komarek is an imagistic and sensitive blend of live acting and the animation of objects supported by sophisticated (yet simple) lighting and sound design.

Vangeli started his career in the amateur theatres Radar and Rise Loutek. He studied puppetry formally at DAMU - the Theatre Academy of Prague - and was part of the well-known movement-based theatre Kresadlo. After completing his studies (1977) he was accepted as puppeteer in the Czech world-famous theatre Spejbla a Hurvinka. Later he decided to work on his own as a free-lance puppeteer for young audiences in then Socialist Czechoslovakia.

Before 1989 he tried to work as a street performer and later on he further developed his street skills working his marionettes on the Charles Bridge (in the center of Old Prague). Out of these sketches he later created his Swinging Marionettes show.

After attending puppet festivals in Gent (Belgium), Charleville Meziéres (France) and Segovia (Spain), he was invited to other puppet and street festivals in Europe, Asia and South America.

In 1999 he won the top award La Luna d´Argento at the puppet festival in San Miniato (Italy). In 2000 he got the Marioneta d´Oro award in Udine-Cividale (Italy).

With his Swinging Marionettes he is invited to all kinds of Music festivals.





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