• from Argentina
  • will act as clown, acrobat

Was raised in the happy city of Mar del Plata, at the coast of the South Atlantic Ocean.

Also lived eight years of his adolescence in Carlsbad, California. On west coast of the United States. Although he was born in the west of Buenos Aires, On December 15 of 1968...

In 1998 he met Leonardo Reca Garcia his acrobatics partner, with whom he shares 13 years of clowning and acrobatics performance.

They form the company “Hermanos Corpo Corto”. Known as the Wichu Wichu, there first circus play called "Hey Wichu”, latter appears in the circus arena Ferzza and Garófalo in “One more time ...”, and Leonardo and Luiggi Corpo Corto in "Dezaztrozzo Orden” comic theater play and acrobatic clowning, coded in silent film movie...

In the year 2000 with the circus company Circaleta Circo they present "Andaluhe", and in 2005 “Si esto no es circo.. El circo donde esta!!" These shows where presented every summer untill the year 2012 in the city of Colon, Entre Rios, with various guests as, “Tomato” Victor Avalos, “Charly” Carlos Malleret and Javier Davis among others...

In 2001 he presents in several parts of Mexico and Guatemala.

In 2003 presents in duo acrobatic clowning "One More Time. Ferzza and Garófalo” in several countries in Latin America and Europe.

In 2003 forms part of the group “La Maroma Circo”, street circus performers, in a Brazilian tour. Also in that year he forms part of “Zootropo Grupo" with the integration of live music, they present, Tamangos "nOtangO", a parody of a night of tango in Buenos Aires. Directed by Leni Mendez.

A glance about our own culture, an amalgamation of physical theater and tango dance.

During the years 2004 and 2005 “Tamangos”, was presented every Thursday in La Cathedral del Tango and several theaters of the underground circuit of Buenos Aires, they also participated in the "2nd Festival Cambalache" , festival of tango dance and theater.

In the year 2004, borns “Luiggi Corpo Corto” in a clown play on the trapeze, with knocks and falls.

In 2006 Los “Hermanos Corpo Corto”, present “Luiggi and Leonardo Corpo Corto” in... "Dezaztrozzo Orden” a theatre play coded silent film movie.

with Mr. Aníbal Zorrilla at the piano. Directed by Jorge Costa.

In 2009, Ferzza presents "Pa Delante", Circus show of acrobatic clowning. which presents since then until now.





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