Diogo Alvares

Diogo Alvares is a Brazilian Master Manipulator who calls Europe home. He performs a silent show with a musical backdrop. His crowd build is simply his manipulation skills with cards, billiard balls, cigarettes, and other various ungimmicked items.

At 18 years old he founded with friends the 'Magic Association of Florianopolis, Santa Catarina - Brazil' organizing several conferences and participated in various TV shows. Later he worked as the official magician of 'Petrobras' along with companies such as Nestlé. He then traveled the world to gain knowledge in his new specialization; Manipulation.

Settling in Europe he has had the opportunity to work in cabarets, circus and private shows… until he found his happiness working in the street performance festivals.

Currently, Diogo is preparing a comeback with his new show entitled 'Face to Face' which will be preformed in the brazilian famous TV show.

Face to Face is presented as a 10 - 30 minute show, performed on stage or on the street, with a silent show or speaking (Português, Spanish, English or French). Diogo is able to tailor a more intimate show including close-up magic upon audience request.






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