FAQ for artists

The Republic of Macedonia is a country located in the central Balkan Peninsula in Southeastern Europe. It gained its independence from Yugoslavia peacefully in 1991. Bordering Serbia to the north, Greece to the south, Bulgaria to the east, Albania to the west, and Kosovo to the northwest, Macedonia is a landlocked country.

The capital of Macedonia, as well as the biggest city in this small country is Skopje. Out of the 2,072,086 people living on the 25,713 sq km of land, more than a quarter of the population is situated in the capital of Skopje.
Your performances in the city of Skopje will be on Macedonia Square.
In other cities, the performances will be mainly on city squares.
For more detail please refer to the PROGRAMME.

Please do not make shows off the area of the festival, just do your shows by the schedule.
If you want extra shows, we can give it to you on the square; you just need to consult the organization.
The meals will be provided at Old Town Brewery at the Old Bazaar.

50% off in Old Town Brewery, Wine Bar Temov for artists.
2 meals - breakfast and dinner

Breakfast from 9am to 12pm
Dinner from 3pm to 5pm
Yes, transport from the hostel to the Restaurant and Festival location will be provided.
60 denars from starting point, 1 km = 40 denars

Don't forget to get your fiscal receipt, the best TAXI companies are Nase Taxi - 15152 and Lotus - 15157 they have to give you receipt.
There is public transport. On the following link you can see time table of buses: www.jsp.com.mk
  • There are some "poor" gypsies, and they might give you hard time, just ignore them, because they might get you in trouble, no matter how poor they look;
  • DO NOT exchange money on the street, only banks and exchange offices: 1 euro = 61,5 dennars approximately;
  • Drugs are ilegal, against the law... any kind even joint, so be careful;
  • For those that are with vehicles, you should park on legal parking locations otherwise the penalty fee is 100 euros;
  • There is a new law for throwing any kind of garbage and spitting on the street and the penalty fee is 50 euros;
  • Another new law is that after 9pm you can't buy any kind of alcohol in market stores, only in a bar;
  • Smoking in the restaurants and bars is banned.
Bands - you can sell your CD's after your performance. It would be the best if the price is 500 denars, since at that price people would buy them, if they are more expensive, they won't. The standard here is not very high, and at very low prices people buy pirates, or second class CD's.





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