About us

Association of Citizens ONE WAY is a non-profit, non-governmental, organisation in the field of art, street art culture and education in Republic of Macedonia, in the Balkan region and wider on. From the year of 2012, the organization TEMOV became a partner to the festival organization.

The organization was established as a result of the 35 years experience as street artists and festival producers of its owners especially the president Pane Temov, a performer himself (www.panepuppeteer.com) who performed on prominent festivals and cabarets all over the world.

The organization team consist of few constant members:

  • Fimka Shopova – Temova – festival manager and co-owner with Pane Temov;
  • Sandra Temova – new festival manager, and PR relations;
  • Goran Trajcevski – logistic and coordination.

The organization main goal is to support, nurture and develop new generations of local artists and especially street artists. It streams towards becoming the driving force for the street arts in the Balkans as one of the premier organizations of its kind in the region.

The Festival

Street festivals are an annually recurring event in many countries and since 2006 Macedonia became the first one on the Balkans. BUSKERFEST is the first Macedonian international and multicultural street festival recognized as the largest event of its kinds in the region. The debut of the Buskerfest happened in 2006 and proved a rounding success, with a line-up that included 50 artisttic performances such as acrobats, dancers, magicians, musicians, jugglers. The tradition continues every year with more and more participants coming from different countries in the world such as Australia, Canada, Argentina, Poland, Italy, New Zealand, USA, Germany, Ireland, Japan, Colombia, Bolivia and other countries.

It is a festival with a unique concept and a new different offer to the public: ten full days of extraordinary experience and total freedom in a brand new way, on open-air location that turns Skopje over night into a fun town named Buskerfest. Busker greets the public not only with street artists and live music, but also with many other different ways to entertain the public: theater plays, pantomime moments, strolling players, creative activities, art exhibitions, bazaars, workshops!

Busker Fest is a winner of “Macedonia Superbrands” award for 2011/12 and became a representative cultural brand for Macedonia, bringing over 100 artists from all around the world in front of not less than 100,000 people!

Gathering some of the world’s hottest street artists ready to entertain and delight the audience with their complementary performances. Here everyone will enjoy the mix of numerous magicians, acrobats, musicians and extraordinary talents, guaranteeing unforgettable entertainment. Buskerfest is a great event for the entire family, connecting people of all ages, so no matter what you do, don’t miss the most spectacular festival of the year.

Welcome to Buskerfest 2016, soon trough Macedonia! Get ready for a visual treat that will entertain and amaze everyone.





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