in Ohrid (8-9.06.2018), Gjorce Petrov (10.06.2018), Skopje (12-17.06.2018), Kochani (15-16.06.2018), Veles (18-19.06.2018), Shtip (20-21.06.2018), Makedonska Kamenica (21.06.2018) & Centar (22-24.06.2018)

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The 13th edition of the street performance festival – Baskerfest 2018

From 12 – 17 June, at city square “Macedonia” in Skopje, will be held the 13th edition of the street performance festival “Baskerfest” 2018. For six days we’ll be able to see the performances of more than 30 artists, from all around the world that will also bring joy and laughter to the people in Skopje...

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How to get in Skopje

  • By Car
    Skopje has a highway link since the 1980's. Today Skopje is accessed by E-75 from Athens and Belgrade and E-65 from Pristina, E-871 linking with E-75 from Sofia and E-852…
  • By Plane
    Skopje is served by the Skopje airport - Alexander The Great (SKP) in Petrovec, 17 km east of Skopje. The airport was recently reconstructed in 2011.
  • By Bus
    In Skopje, oficially there is one bus station at the transport centre and most of the buses arrive/depart from here. The bus station is 15 min walking from the downtown.…
  • By Train
    Trains also connect Skopje to Belgrade, Thessaloniki, Athens and to Ljubljana. The express route Vienna-Thessaloniki passes through Skopje twice daily, once going to Thessaloniki and second time returning to Vienna,…

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